Utilizing our ability to blend extensive industry knowledge, detailed technical understanding and regular communication with our ever growing number of contacts, Rian Placements has forged a distinct advantage in being able to offer a true search and selection service. Our services offerings span across planning through to execution in order to provide optimum manpower to our HR partners.

Being a seasoned recruitment agency we do realize that quite often exceptional candidates are often not found through conventional means. We creatively source and recruit candidates through networking, referrals, industry/academic associations, and online resources etc. What others may call “Head Hunting”, we call – “Reaching Out”

In addition, candidates with proven records of success/achievement seek out Rian Placements because of our excellent reputation within the HR community. We hold leadership roles in professional organizations and have earned our candidates’ confidence in our ability to assist them. So, if you are expanding or even setting up a new business, finding the right candidates for the positions you have available can be a time consuming and stressful process which might also impact existing resources. We assist you in bridging the gaps in your organization.

We understand how important it is for you to find the right people for your company and that's why we don't just pick from a predefined list of candidates, we really do “reach out” to the best so you can ensure that your team really works!

Here’s what we excel in and how we go about it -

1.   Manpower Recruitments – Once the client gives us a mandate to work on, our hugely qualified and experienced team of researchers undertake a study of the industry and competition in order to develop company target lists. We then meticulously identify and verify candidate details.

Our consultants approach each executive search assignment with a focus towards - “matching the right candidate to the right corporate”. We follow a three step approach towards executive search.

•   Ascertain & finalize company profile & job specifications - Our consultants’ interface with clients has a twofold objective – a) to understand the clients’ company profile and business and b) ensure thorough understanding of the job specifications. Based on the above two criteria a search plan is developed and executed by our team.
•   Identify & screen candidates – Our team has a focused approach towards identifying the right candidates by - a) evaluating the cv's to ascertain suitability to the job, b) screening them in order to come up with a shortlist, c) formatting short listed cv’s with essential details pertaining to the candidates profile and d) forwarding the best cv's to the client.
•   Interview, selection & feedback – Our consultants are in regular touch with clients to – a) facilitate interviews of short listed candidates (both preliminary and final), b) obtain feedback from the client regarding selected candidates and c) negotiate with clients regarding CTC and benefits to be offered. It is our constant endeavour to maintain an interface with the client even after placement of a candidate in order to ensure total client satisfaction
2.   Career Guidance & Counseling – we assist candidates in understanding their suitability to various industries, thereby enabling them to make the right career choices. Our senior consultants have an intuitive understating of candidate calibre and potential and are proficient in guiding candidates to make the right career choices.
3.   Resume Drafting – we assist candidates in drafting their profile on paper so that their resume is a true reflection of their competence and ability. Our team of consultants offer this complimentary service to our candidates assisting them in planning their resume in an effective way by

  • Defining objectives, aims and goals as this is most important element that exhibits a candidate’s future plans.
  • giving essential information like personal profile details, educational details etc
  • Highlighting accomplishments, trainings received, and awards received etc to enable prospective employers to understand a candidate’s capabilities and skills better.
  • Highlighting previous job experiences and achievements in them
  • Drafting the resume in a well balanced format as a format is an aspect that gives a perfect look to the resume.
4.   Training & development – We understand that organizations not only want people but more importantly they need performance. To help our customer achieve their performance targets, we provide training solutions, which are customized and not “run of the mill” products. We offer the following solutions:
•   Job Ready Manpower: We provide the pre employment training, educating people on the desired knowledge & skills required for their job role. So they possess all critical knowledge on Day 1 itself.
•   Induction Programs: Most of the people, who leave their job in the first 3 months, leave getting frustrated, as they do not understand their job fully and fail to perform. We provide customized induction program, with 3 months handholding process.
•   Knowledge Based Program: We provide training on product, process knowledge to enhance effectiveness of current and new manpower.
•   Skills Based Solutions: Our experiential and practice based training programs, ensure that people understand and rehearse the skills they need, to perform their job more efficiently
We also undertake creativity & motivation enhancement seminars
5.   HR practices – We are competent in handling various outsourced HR practices such as:
  • candidate appraisals
  • candidate assessments
  • psychometric testing etc

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Rian Placements pledges the highest level of Ethical Standards. Our clients can trust us to adhere to a strict ethical code and the candidates can rest assured about complete confidentiality.

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